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Fall back…

Good news! Party all you want tonight, for tomorrow night we all get an extra hour of sleep. Yes, it’s that fated day that comes around once a year where we “fall back” and turn our clocks back an hour to signal the end of day light savings time (or the end of the world, as my wife thinks of it). Sure it gets dark earlier, but not all is lost.

Instead of moping around about the lost hour of daylight, why not use the long nights to start, or improve your real estate career? To compensate you for the lost hour, I’m offering a $10 discount on my home study exam prep for salesperson or broker (offer valid through 11/15/14). Use the discount code “pst” when you’re asked for a coupon code in the shopping cart. Remember, spring will be here before you know it and you’ll get your lost hour of daylight back, and you’ll be in a great position to move ahead in your real estate career.