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    Whether you’re taking the salesperson or broker exam, with our home study exam prep you’ll feel confident and ready to pass your exam: over 90% pass on the first try. The package includes our prep course book, online practice tests, and an audio download. At only $79, it's a great value! Enroll and … learn more...

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    Need a little extra help preparing for your real estate exam? Like studying on your laptop, or iPad? Our online tests are a great fit for active lives. Available for either the sales or broker exams, these easy to use tests will give you the edge you need to pass.   … learn more...

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    If you are looking an engaging way to learn key points essential to passing your licensing exam, this audio program is for you. The 4.5 hour audio program walks you through the seven subject areas included on your exam. … learn more...

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    Ready for a career in real estate? It can happen in just a few months. Check out our FAQ for details on exactly how to start on your path to fame and fortune in real estate. … learn more...

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    Wondering how to become a real estate broker? If you’re currently a real estate sales agent or an attorney specializing in real estate law, a broker’s license is just steps away. Check out our FAQ for details on how to become a broker. … learn more...

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    Why choose the Real Estate Centre? Simply put, we are dedicated to providing you with expert information and excellent service at a great price. Over the past 20 years the Real Estate Centre has helped over 100,000 individuals start, and advance, their real estate careers. … learn more...



Real Estate Licensing Los Angeles

Gluten – many people believe it saps their energy, clouds their thinking, and messes with their digestive systems. Well, I’m here to tell you that the Real Estate Centre is now 100% gluten free. Other schools may add gluten to bloat their course offerings but … [Read More...]